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Do you have a passion? Maybe a passion for cooking, playing an instrument, or a passion for health and wellness? Is that passion so strong that you would love to share that with the world?

I am on a journey of helping people to become healthier and happier. This is my true passion and gives me a sense of purpose. This has been quite a journey and I have definitely had to fight against all sorts of doubts, fears, and negative self-talk. Having been (and still being in this journey) and having met so many people that possess amazing gifts or talents, but struggle with getting it out there in the world, I got inspired to write a post on why you should chase your dreams and what does yogic principles and psychological science teach us about fulfilling our life purpose and working for something deeply meaningful for us?

Actually many of us do have a passion that relates to our special gift and unique knowledge-base – this is something we know deep inside us. But we also may struggle with fears or doubts that prevents us to share that. In this post, I talk about why you should never stop chasing your dreams and how to find the thing you truly love to do. Also, how to overcome some obstacles that might stand in the way of living your passion.

If you have an ideal job in your mind (or you are still searching), but you have doubts, fears or something is holding you back with your dream job, this post is for you.

If you could only work 4 hours every week…

In his life-changing book 4 hour work week Tim Ferriss asked a question; what would you do if you could only work 4 hours a week?

That is a really powerful question because puts the concept of work to an intriguing light; if each week, you were not allowed to work for more than 4 hours, which is comparable to watching two movies, what would you share with the world?

Interestingly, many of us would do something totally different than we currently do. Would you? 

Many of us struggle working in jobs that we actually don’t like – we use 80 % of our times collecting money so we could spend the rest 20 % doing things that we actually love.

But if you would get the same money, and could only use 20 % of your time working, what is the message you would share with others and live as your heritage?

Maybe it is cooking the most delicious raw cakes to people, traveling around the world and inspiring others to travel as well, teaching people how to get mentally and physically fitter, teaching dance, writing inspiring stories, or making music → what is it for you?


Dharma – life duty or passion

In Yogic philosophy, this passion, the sense of life duty, is called Dharma. It has a deep sense of delivering; being in the service of the world in the most natural way for you. It arises from your core and intrinsic motives; not from money, fame or doing something “just because”.

Pat Flynn, the creator of Smart Passive Income had a dream; he wants to be a good father and husband, and spend time with his family. That was his dharma. At the same time, he wanted to work as little as possible and make money from home in order to be that family-person he wants to be. Having a dream not to work can sound selfish, but it can be quite the opposite. You see, Pat Flynn worked hard to fulfill this dream and currently, with only 4 hours of work per day, he makes 6-figure incomes online. He made that money by sharing his knowledge with others, delivering a deeply meaningful intrinsic message. Not only he made his dream come true and was able to increase his and his own happiness, but in addition, he helped hundreds of thousands of people with his site to make passive income online and he still does. He has saved families and relationships and probably even lives. So actually, fulfilling his dream and teaching others to do the same, is the most generous thing he could have done. It was Pat’s gift to the world.


Getting close but not quite there

Sometimes we pursue careers in the field of your passion, but not really go for what we actually want to do. Here is an example:

Let’s say you love to work out. You go to the gym every day and when you are not at the gym you talk to your friends about it. You want to share the secret with the world – so you post a photo to your Instagram from the dressing room with your tensed muscles and sweaty forehead – Gym just makes you feel great!

Being a fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness blogger or Instagram influencer might be your Dharma, your actual purpose of life; sharing the knowledge about health and wellness with other people.

Sometimes dharma goes wrong though; you might end up working in a sports equipment retail or behind the desk in the gym.  And your heart keeps saying that something just doesn’t feel completely right… Even though you love sports, it feels a deep feeling of service in your life is missing. It is because selling is not your dharma, your true passion That is the dharma of a salesman who absolutely loves selling and making good business deals – whether it is sports, shoes or milk.

Has it ever happen to you that you find yourself in a situation that is close, but not quite, what you would want to do with your life? What were the good qualities or aspects of that job and what did you feel stressed about –> what was missing?

Another way to find that is to ask yourself; What would I do, if I had to pay for work?

Ask your self now; where do you spend all that money that you already make from the work you may, or may not, like?

“Dharma uplifts man who has fallen physically, mentally, morally, intellectually, and spiritually, or who is about to fall. Dharma is that which upholds, sustains and supports man” – B.K.S Iyengar


Purpose increases the wellbeing of you and others

When you are fulfilling your life purpose, when you are in service to others in the way that fulfills your heart, you feel happier, healthier and mentally more stable.

This has also been shown through scientific studies in psychology; we have a fundamental human need to feel purpose and meaning in the life. We as human beings actually crave purpose and can suffer depression, anxiety and lack of self-control if we feel we can not serve others or fulfill our purpose. You should work as hard finding your purpose as you work for the money that you make out of your job because money does not ultimately bring you happiness. The only way to make yourself happy is to create a job where you fill that you can really deliver a powerful message or help others.

In the book, Man’s Search for Meaning, Psychiatrist Victor Frankl describes his time in Auschwitz concentration camps during the Second World War. Frankl observed that those who felt they had a goal or purpose, were most likely to survive.  Frankl’s theory-known as logotherapy. It holds the idea that our primary drive in life is not pleasure, as Freud maintained, but the discovery and pursuit of what we personally find meaningful.

Living your dreams, feeling purpose, and living a meaningful life where you can utilize your strengths increases your wellbeing, and when you are shining happiness, other people around you feel more ease of being, inspiration and happiness as well. If you feel other people deserve to feel happy, you should chase your own dreams! 


What can stand in the way of living your dream life and how to change it?

Negative self-talk and twisted concept of money

Sometimes negative self-talk can stand in the way; we don’t think we are worthy of living the fulfilling dream. We are so primed to work hard and struggle for money, that it is hard to think that we are actually allowed to enjoy the job we do. Some people even feel that they need to earn the money through suffering and stress. The truth is that you don’t have to suffer. Money is just a concept, a value that is given in exchange for the service that you deliver, whether you enjoy the service or not. Do you want to enjoy or suffer from the service you deliver? If you do what you love, the money will follow.


Negative ego: shyness, doubts and fears

Also, lack of self-esteem, doubts, fear, and anxiety can stand in our way. But guess what; aligning ourselves to a purpose can ease stress. When you do something that you deeply care for, and you want to share this with the world, you feel less self-centered; part of something bigger, like a cell in a big organism that you want to take care of. You will be less focused on your own worries and anxieties because you know that what you have to deliver can uplift another human being, help a person or even save lives. When you start working work on your dream, your own problems starts to seem less significant, and you spend less time thinking about them, and so you sense of well-being increases.


“Building and running a business may seem complicated, but simply put, a successful business is a solution to somebody’s pain or problem.” – Pat Flynn, founder of


You have a duty for it

If you really think about it, you even have the duty to fulfill your passion and serve others with your knowledge. In Yogic philosophy it is said that that should be your greatest search in life. Yogis use the word dharma, which also translates into duty.

Duty means that you have a responsibility to help others with your special gift that you have inside you. But duty is not negative; duty actually gives your permission to do anything it takes to fulfill it.

Because if it were so that your message can…

  • uplift a man
  • help someone becoming happier
  • help someone becoming healthier
  • save marriages
  • save relationships
  • save the nature
  • even save someone’s life

then doing what comes the most naturally from you is the less egoistic thing you can do. If you feel like you don’t deserve to leave your dream life, think about others; other people are worthy of hearing your message.

“Your message has the ability to change someone’s life. The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable… But only if you know how to get it in the hands of the people whose lives you have been called to change” – Russell Brunson, Expert Secrets


Some tips to find your way to live your dharma:

1. Start seeking for it

every day ask yourself “what am I here for? What can I teach someone? What knowledge do I have that can help other people?” and write this down. Brainstorm and use diaries.



2. Think of what kind of service makes you feel happy

Use a journal and every evening before you go to sleep think about 3 things that you did that made you happy and others happy. This can ultimately lead you to find some actions that use when creating a profession out of your passions


3. Start focusing on ways to deliver your messages and learn different ways to monetize your passion

Is it a blog? Is it teaching? Is it selling a product? Is it a course? Online or live? Where? To whom?


Are you or are you not in a job at the moment that fulfills your sense of purpose?
What is your passion?
Let me know in the comments.