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Consciousness: creating your dream future, and practising the life

  You are awake and aware - a conscious human being. You know you are able to feel love and trust as well as hate and fear. You understand that the only moment that exists is now, still, you can travel in time inside your head; dream about the future and remember the [...]

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Peak Experiences – What are they?

‘‘The  greatest  attainment  of  identity, autonomy, or self-hood is going beyond and above selfhood" Abraham Maslow   Think about any moment in your life when you have felt full of joy, happiness, and presence. Maybe it was moment spend with a loved one, a moment of connection with the nature or [...]

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WOOP: Scientific tool for achieving goals

I am hyped about today’s post because I know that many of you guys are in the middle of doing an important project or being busy with making your dream life come true. Whether it is a school assignment, job task or building your dream life, finishing tasks requires goal [...]

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The concept of dharma in yoga

Do you have a passion? Maybe a passion for cooking, playing an instrument, or a passion for health and wellness? Is that passion so strong that you would love to share that with the world? I am on a journey of helping people to become healthier and happier. This is my [...]

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Test what are your personal strenghts

Take a moment to think about the best qualities in you? Are you strong? bold? creative? logical? compassionate? grateful?  determined? Even science has shown that people who use their strengths are happier, less depressed, achieve more, and feel more purpose and meaning in their lives compared to those who [...]

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