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How to stimulate your vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is the most important nerve for activating the "relaxation nervous system" (parasympathetic nervous system). Vagus nerve connects the brain to multiple internal organs (e.g. lungs, gut, liver, heart, kidneys, and gallbladder). As the vagus nerve is a broad network of nerves reaching all around the body, it's [...]

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6 foods to power your brain

Your brain is a seed of your thoughts, behavior, and emotions. If you want to work efficiently, keep up a happy mood and recover well during the night, you need to feed the brain with foods that help it producing all necessary signaling hormones (neurotransmitters), energy, protection, and [...]

30 powerful tips for getting the precious 8 hours of sleep a night

Read my product recommendations for sleep.   Sleep is one of the key factors for good health. Sleep is time for healing and recovery. In average, the optimal sleep duration for improved health is between 7-8 hours a night. (S) Also high-quality sleep (i.e. sufficiently REM, deep sleep and light sleep) predicts [...]

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