Improve memory with sleep

Sleep is probably the most unrecognized, yet, one of the most efficient studying methods. Sleep is essential for memory because memory traces are created and strengthened during sleeping hours. Hippocampus is a brain area that is associated with consolidating memory sleeping hours. Memories need time to consolidate There [...]

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WOOP: Scientific tool for achieving goals

I am hyped about today’s post because I know that many of you guys are in the middle of doing an important project or being busy with making your dream life come true. Whether it is a school assignment, job task or building your dream life, finishing tasks requires goal [...]

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Test what are your personal strenghts

Take a moment to think about the best qualities in you? Are you strong? bold? creative? logical? compassionate? grateful?  determined? Even science has shown that people who use their strengths are happier, less depressed, achieve more, and feel more purpose and meaning in their lives compared to those who [...]

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