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10 natural ways to increase dopamine

Introduction Understanding dopamine may provide insights on balancing mood, motivation, and productivity in everyday life. Dopamine is a brain signaling hormone (neurotransmitter) derived from the amino acid tyrosine (abundant in foods such as dairy, soy, meat, fish, dairy, and beans). The enzyme (tyrosine hydroxylase) converts tyrosine to L-Dopa, which is [...]

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5 scientific ways to increase serotonin naturally

Even 20 % of the people report depression and almost all experienced extended periods of feeling blue. A low mood might be linked to your brain serotonin levels. Serotonin is a signaling hormone produced in the brain and gut and it is linked to a happy mood and [...]

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10 daily tips for HSP (highy sensitive person)

What is sensory processing sensitivity? 25 % of people are highly sensitive. HSPs have a nervous system that reacts strongly to the environment: sounds, smell, touch, and even other people’s emotions. It is a trait characterized by great empathy and depth of processing. This normal personality trait called [...]

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6 foods to power your brain

Your brain is a seed of your thoughts, behavior, and emotions. If you want to work efficiently, keep up a happy mood and recover well during the night, you need to feed the brain with foods that help it producing all necessary signaling hormones (neurotransmitters), energy, protection, and [...]

5 simple biohacks for the brain (pt. 1)

    Biohacking is using biological, natural, and technological tools to track and enhance your health. By reading this post you learn  5 powerful (yet simple) "brain hacks" that can enhance your brain health and help to improve your energy levels, focus, and mood, and slower the brain aging.     [...]

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The mental benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has become popular in weight loss and biohacking. It's also effective in treating epilepsy and has been used for that for over 80 years(1). However, less has been talked about the astonishing mental benefits for everyday brain functioning. In this article, I summarize the mental and brain benefits of [...]

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