30 05, 2020

10 daily tips for HSP (highy sensitive person)

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Did you know that 25 % of the people are highly sensitive? This might explain why you easily get distracted, moody, or fatigued in busy environments. Manage your sensitivity with these daily tips. What is sensory processing sensitivity?   Do you agree with these statements? Other people’s moods [...]

25 08, 2019

How to stimulate your vagus nerve?

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The vagus nerve is the most important nerve linked to the activation of the rest-and-digest nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system). Vagus nerve connects the brain to multiple internal organs (e.g. lungs, gut, liver, heart, kidneys, and gallbladder). As the vagus nerve is a broad network of nerves reaching all around the body, it's [...]

4 08, 2019

6 brain foods for brain power and health

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Your brain is a seed of your thoughts, behavior, and emotions. If you want to work efficiently, keep up a happy mood and recover well during the night, you need to feed the brain with foods that help it producing all necessary signaling hormones (neurotransmitters), energy, protection, and [...]

28 07, 2019

Top 15 things to do in Magnesia Festival – from cacao ceremony to fire dancing

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This blog post is done in collaboration with Magnesia Festival. Magnesia Festival: August 2-4th 2019, Suomenlinna, Finland.  ´     Magnesia Festival is my favorite summer festival in Finland. The event is a three-day celebration of yoga, meditation, music, dance, breathing, delicious food, and beautiful people. I still remember the warm and [...]

14 05, 2019

Improve memory while sleeping

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Sleep is probably the most unrecognized, yet, one of the most efficient studying methods. Sleep is essential for memory because memory traces are created and strengthened during sleeping hours. Hippocampus is a brain area that is associated with consolidating memory sleeping hours. Memories need time to consolidate There [...]

13 04, 2019

Home remedies for migraine – optimising light exposure

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  Light is one of the most common triggers for migraines and over 90 % of migraineurs are light-sensitive during the attack. Thus, many migraineurs seek dark room and rest during an attack. For example, stepping from indoor lightning out into the bright sunlight or getting bright sunlight exposure through [...]

30 03, 2019

Biohacker’s Handbook – a comprehensive review and a discount code

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  Biohacker's Handbook is a scientific guide to health optimization and biohacking. It has quickly become the number one manual for learning the basics of biohacking and it has been translated into four different languages and distributed to over 60 countries. There is a shift in healthcare from [...]

17 02, 2019

30 powerful tips for getting the precious 8 hours of sleep a night

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Read my product recommendations for sleep.   Sleep is one of the key factors for good health. Sleep is time for healing and recovery. In average, the optimal sleep duration for improved health is between 7-8 hours a night. (S) Also high-quality sleep (i.e. sufficiently REM, deep sleep and light sleep) predicts [...]

5 02, 2019

5 simple biohacks for the brain (pt. 1)

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    Biohacking is using biological, natural, and technological tools to track and enhance your health. By reading this post you learn  5 powerful (yet simple) "brain hacks" that can enhance your brain health and help to improve your energy levels, focus, and mood, and slower the brain aging.     [...]

31 01, 2019

Consciousness: creating your dream future, and practising the life

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  You are awake and aware - a conscious human being. You know you are able to feel love and trust as well as hate and fear. You understand that the only moment that exists is now, still, you can travel in time inside your head; dream about the future and remember the [...]