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You deserve to feel energized, happy, and healthy. My mission is to help you there with biohacking, psychology, and neuroscience.

5 simple biohacks for the brain (pt. 1)

    Biohacking is using biological, natural, and technological tools to track and enhance your health. By reading this post you learn  5 powerful (yet simple) "brain hacks" that can enhance your brain health and help to improve your energy levels, focus, and mood, and slower the brain aging.     [...]

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Consciousness: creating your dream future, and practising the life

  You are awake and aware - a conscious human being. You know you are able to feel love and trust as well as hate and fear. You understand that the only moment that exists is now, still, you can travel in time inside your head; dream about the future and remember the [...]

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Peak Experiences – What are they?

‘‘The  greatest  attainment  of  identity, autonomy, or self-hood is going beyond and above selfhood" Abraham Maslow   Think about any moment in your life when you have felt full of joy, happiness, and presence. Maybe it was moment spend with a loved one, a moment of connection with the nature or [...]

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11 sleep differences (and one similarity) between men and women

Did you know that women generally feel more energized after bad night sleep than men because they have better sleep quality? Women and men differ fundamentally in their sleep behavior and biological rhythms; women have higher sleep quality than men and yet, they complain more about their sleep. Studies show that [...]

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Superfood coffee with Maison Gern

In this post, we talk about coffee. I interview Lena Bernhofer, a co-founder of Maison Gern, a company which produces functional superfood coffees, which are designed to boost health and be easy to take with you wherever you go. The legend of coffee - how we discovered coffee (maybe)? According [...]

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Measuring sleep with the Oura ring

  Today's post is about sleep optimization and more specifically the Oura sleep detecting ring. Oura is a piece of health tech wearable and it has been one of the best health tracking tools for me so I wanted to tell a bit about my user experiences with Oura. What is [...]

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WOOP: Scientific tool for achieving goals

I am hyped about today’s post because I know that many of you guys are in the middle of doing an important project or being busy with making your dream life come true. Whether it is a school assignment, job task or building your dream life, finishing tasks requires goal [...]

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12 natural remedies for migraine

Migraine is conventionally treated with prophylaxis, painkillers, and opioids. Some of these medications have adverse side effects or fail to ease the symptoms. For example, every day more than 115 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids. (R) Based on extensive research in migraine etiology, scientists have [...]

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The concept of dharma in yoga

Do you have a passion? Maybe a passion for cooking, playing an instrument, or a passion for health and wellness? Is that passion so strong that you would love to share that with the world? I am on a journey of helping people to become healthier and happier. This is my [...]

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6 Red Light Therapy benefits

The image was taken at the coolest biohacking center in New York: HACKD fitness Walking into the red light district can be a very uplifting experience. No, not talking about the one in Amsterdam. When Red Light Rising, a company producing red light therapy set up their exhibition [...]

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