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A biohacker, health science writer, and an unshakable optimist who is passionate about upgrading human mental and physical health with science, technology and nature.


Science and health writer, Biohacker Center

I work at the Biohacker Center, Finland as a science and health writer, speaker, organizer of the Biohacker Summit and as an instructor in an up-coming online course Biohacking for Women.

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Yoga and meditation teacher

I teach Yoga and meditation in yoga studios, bootcamps and retreats internationally. In my yoga classes, I integrate meditation, asana practice, breathing practices and practices of positive emotions – the tools for working on body/mind connection, self-processing and self-transcendence.

I graduated as a yoga teacher in 2017 in the birthplace of yoga – Rishikesh, India (Vinayasa Yoga Academy)




I give talks about biohacking, meditation, psychological wellbeing and health optimization for women.

About Inka

“Inka is a great yoga teacher, biohacker, and a free spirit! Inka has fantastic energy and knowledge of modern life and modern tools for keeping healthy and strong”

Tristan Gribbin, CEO of Flow VR



“From mastering the body with yoga to empowering the mind with neuroscience, Inka maintains a full dedication to elevating what it means to be human”

Teemu Arina, The author of the Biohacker’s Handbook


“Inka is a unique voice in the health space. She incorporates cutting edge biohacking with neuroscience and spirituality, which brings together the best of all worlds. Her intuitive approach to understanding the body and mind make her an inspiring person to be around.”

Siim Land, Best-selling author, Biohacker, Human performance coach


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