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Biohacking Women is the first biohacking course specifically targeted for women. This 7-week online program is designed to provide women a deeper understanding of their feminine biology and psychology in order to optimize and upgrade mood, energy, fitness, longevity and beauty care with optimal lifestyle.

The course is produced by Biohacker Center together with Inka Immonen, holistic health coach Sara Adolfsen, and Medical doctor Sandra Porthan

Upgrade your daily habits and feel great every day

Biohacker’s Handbook is 100 % science-based manual which includes 5 chapters that will help you to

  • Sleep better
  • Choose foods which support health
  • Balance energy levels and increase productivity
  • Improve mood, memory and brain function
  • Exercise efficiently and gain results

Reviews: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4,9 / 5 (104 reviews)

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From the products-page you find my favorite biohacking & health products and discount codes. Some links are affiliate links. Read more about affiliate marketing.

Biohacker Summit Amsterdam 4-5th June

Join the Europe’s leading Biohacking conference Biohacker Summit with 2 days of invigorating keynotes about elevating human experience, immersive masterclasses, hands-on exhibition, healthy food-court, and memorable side-events in the company of 1000+ like-minded biohackers, health experts, fitness advocates, scientists, technology entrepreneurs and thought-leaders.

Biohacker Summit is hands-down one of the top biohacking conferences on the planet” -Ben Greenfield, US Top personal trainer

Meditate and supercharge your mind with Ambronite

I worked together with Ambronite to design a morning meditation. Experience better focus, positivity, and connection by starting your day with the Ambronite morning priming.

Ambronite is a soulful superfood company which produces drinkable, filling green shakes with only highest quality natural ingredients. Their products are made with (for example) almonds, oats, nettle leaf, spinach, flaxseed, chlorella, spirulina, cranberry, bilberry, black currant, and sea buckthorn. I use Ambronite in travels and during busy days when I need a quick, healthy, tasty and soulful meal which provides me all the minerals and vitamins that my body needs. Other Ambassadors of Ambronite include biohackers, enterpreneurs, top cheffs and athletes such as Ben Greenfield, Teemu Arina, Sami Tallberg, and Minttu Tuominen.

Ambronite Morning Priming meditation
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Hi there – I’m Inka. 

I am a biohacker, science writer, psychologist-to-be (University of Aberdeen), speaker and a yoga teacher. My mission in life is to help you to find the best tools for a healthy life so that you can feel full of passion, energy, and love every day.

I work at the Biohacker Center Finland and organize Biohacker Summit – international health event for optimizing health with biological, technological and natural tools.

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